Educational Food Events

Do you organize conferences, festivals, fairs or educational events dedicated to food culture and history?

Contact me and I will prepare a lecture, a presentation, food articles or a training session e-book in the history of Polish cuisine for your institution, school or business.

Marketing & Advertising

Do you operate in the advertising industry and develop marketing strategies and advertisements for Polish food producers? Do you produce movies?

Enrich the content with reliable information and curiosities from the history of Polish cuisine - I'll be happy to help!.

Local Food Traditions

Are you in the tourism industry and organize trips oriented to exploration of local food traditions?

You've come to the right address! I offer consulting in the development of respective materials about the local culinary heritage – starting with the history of food items, products and meals, through consulting in the development of food routes, contacts with local chefs and producers of traditional and regional food.

Food History

Are you planning to expand the range of food products and launch new products or dishes?

I offer food history consulting and research for entrepreneurs and institutions operating in the broadly understood food industry.
I will help by preparing an appropriate opinion and materials in this regard.

Promotional Cookbooks

Are you a kitchen appliance manufacturer and you are wondering how to promote a new model of a food processor?

Get potential customers interested in their culinary heritage. People love cooking stories, and the history of Polish cuisine hides countless numbers of them.

Organisation of culinary events

Are you planning to organise a culinary event for your industry, company or community and don't know how to go about it?

I will help you to implement your idea and to organise and coordinate your event.