About me

I am a food writer, food activist and food "mediator". Should you want to enrich your business offer or food products with a solid culinary background, or be interested in… the organization of a class on the history of cuisine, trainings, lectures, e-books or food consulting - you've come to the right place. Check out the “services” section to discover what I can support you with.

I am the author of numerous articles on the history of food, published in national and local media. I collaborated with the Polish Institute in Paris on the promotion of Polish culinary culture. I wrote promotional and informational brochures, introductions to publications on Polish cuisine and regional culinary traditions. I drafted lectures on the history of food and presentations on food tourism. I am the co-author of the book "Kapłon i szczeżuje. A story about forgotten Polish cuisine", written with history professor Jarosław Dumanowski. My second book, about the history of meat: “Sztukamięs ze szlachtuza. NIeopowiedziana historia mięsa”, is to be published in July, 2021.

I have always been interested in food. Not only in the context of taste, but also in the context of where it comes from. A hobby turned into a passion when I lived in France. The French managed to put their "gastronomic meal" on the List of Intangible Heritage of the UNESCO. I believe that the cuisine in Poland has great potential, and we will introduce the “Polish Christmas Eve” to this list. As my guru Anthony Bourdain used to say, "As citizens of the world, we should know what was ahead"!

Food and gastronomy are both business matters and, of course, part of culture.

We have the right to eat healthy. Not only our well-being depends on what we eat, but also the well-being of future generations. The history of cuisine and food in this context is inspiring. In fact, today's top chefs and innovators go back to their roots. Since some time, food has been rediscovered on different continents in the context of forgotten traditions. This global trend also applies to Poland. Polish cuisine has great potential, it can be an attractive culinary destination, and our gastronomy is recognizable in the world.

I am also interested in nutritional trends, especially those related to the food of the future. I love to eat high-quality products (and I admit that I do not eat them every day). I believe anyone can access real, clean food instead of junk products. It is systematic work - on changing consciousness, not only on an individual level but on a group level as well; extensive education, changing eating habits, learning responsibility.

I like new challenges. I look forward to a cooperation. Greetings from Krakow!